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Dawson Gap Naturals Premium Non-GMO Livestock Feeds

Welcome to Dawson Gap Naturals a new line of premium Non-GMO Livestock feeds manufactured by Dawson Gap Farm LLC, located in Hillsboro VA since 2011. Having been the largest distributor for the nation's leading Non-GMO feed for 9 years, we are now proud to be working directly with our mills, and Fertrell Minerals in order to create an all new brand of quality Non-GMO livestock feeds that are designed to produce results worthy of your hard work. We realize the responsibility we hold within our food system to ensure a premium Non-GMO and chemical free product which will nutritionally promote healthy and vibrant life across our land, in our families, and communities. We desire to see local farms thrive across our land: our goal is your success!


Dawson Gap Naturals 16% Layer Non-GMO Crumble Feed
Dawson Gap Naturals 16% Layer

Dawson Gap Naturals 16% Goat Non-GMO Feed
Dawson Gap Naturals 16% Goat

Dawson Gap Naturals 17% Non-GMO Whole Grain Layer Feed
Dawson Gap Naturals 17% Whole Grain Layer

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