The Quality    you expect.


The Results  you Deserve.

Optimal Formulations

By combining the organic vitamin, mineral, and probiotic fortifications produced by FERTRELL, with tested whole grain ingredients, Dawson Gap Naturals is able to achieve superior results for sustainable farms.

Stringent Testing

Transparency is important to the local food movement, so Dawson Gap Naturals employs a stringent testing protocol to test for the presence of GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides including glyphosate.

Farmer Friendly Pricing

In order for a farm to be sustainable, it must also be profitable, so Dawson Gap Naturals offers competitive pricing and shipping rates, including significant discounts to producers who are leading the way in the local food movement.


Dawson Gap Naturals 16% Layer

Ingredients Matter

Dawson Gap Naturals selects whole grain ingredients which are responsibly grown near our mill.  These grains are then fortified with organic kelp, vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and other nutrients essential to the health of your livestock. Our poultry feeds are complete rations which contain granite grit, and calcium for proper digestion and egg production.

NON-GMO Swine Grower 15%

NON-GMO Whole Grain Layer 17%

NON-GMO Goat 16%

NON-GMO Crumble Chicken Grower 18%




Interview with Paul Greive at APPPA 2020

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